Footprints Across Hong Kong

No, they weren’t able to go leave footprints all over Hong Kong but they sure wish they were able to. The blog’s name is a continuation of a previous blog, an earlier trip. This year’s trip brought together four females and one intrepid (or is it foolhardy?) male for five days and four nights of non-stop shopping in Hong Kong. They arrived the day after the 10th anniversary of the British handover to China so the general mood was festive. The trip was brief and only whetted their appetite for more adventures (of the retail variety and beyond) together. But that’s for tomorrow to know. For now, this is how they did Hong Kong.

Most of the story is told through one person’s point of view. Other instances are narrated by those who lived the experiences firsthand. This blog combines various narratives to form a cohesive account of the trip. The storytelling may seem indulgent as it was the main narrator’s intention to set the history, details, and essence of the trip in stone. This blog is meant initially as a tool for recollection and then, for sharing. All errors are unintentional. All opinions are that of the narrator. Corrections and criticisms are welcome.